Fire Prevention Education

a picture of OSFM prevention specialist conducting NFIRS trainingAll employees of the Office of the State Fire Marshal are committed to offering people the knowledge and skills they need to lead safer lives.

Fire and Life Safety Education is provided through ongoing fire prevention programs as well as public awareness media campaigns to help educate everyone in making informed decisions regarding fire and life safety.

Fire Prevention programs are delivered through on-site presentations, class room instruction, press releases, newsletters, and internet.

Please contact the Prevention Division at 785-296-0659 to request an on-site presentation or other education materials, or if you have questions regarding fire and life safety issues.

Prevention Topics

New Code Requirement for Dry Chemical Extinguishers

Brenda Reber | Jul 05, 2013

A new requirement is fast approaching for dry chemical stored pressure fire extinguishers.  Since OSFM has adopted the 2007 edition of NFPA 10, there is a code change that all vendors and facility owners need to be aware of in regards to NFPA 10 4.4.1 which states: Dry chemical stored pressure extinguishers manufactured prior to October 1984 shall be removed from service at the next 6 year maintenance interval or the next hydro test interval, whichever comes first.  This change will take effect only on and after January 1, 2014. 

Therefore, with this being said, if a dry chemical extinguisher has had its 6 year maintenance or the next hydro test prior to January 1, 2014 the extinguisher will be able to remain in-service until the time is up for the next maintenance check.